Coronavirus Updates – 2021.Jan.15

Coronavirus Updates – 2021.Jan.15

On January 15, 2021, 1,188,442 shares of 35 securities worth MNT 185,043,860 were traded. 13 companies’ shares increased in price and 20 companies’ shares declined and 2 companies ‘ shares unchanged. “Bulgan Undarga” JSC (BUN +14.97%) and “Mongol Alt” JSC (ERS +14.62%) were the top performers whereas “Olloo” JSC (OLL -14.93%) and “Shivee Ovoo” JSC (SHV -14.71%) were the worst performers.

With regards to fund units, 64,665 units of ‘National privatization fund’ were traded for MNT 185,043,860.

Company bond, each consisting of 1 shares that are worth 100,010 were conducted.

The MSE Top 20 Index increased by 0.14 percent and reached 19090.09 points. The MSE market capitalization stands at MNT 2,967,673,694,349.61

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