Mongolian Stock Exchange – 2021.Jan.20

Mongolian Stock Exchange – 2021.Jan.20

On January 20, 2021, 1,340,173 shares of 33 securities worth MNT 308,101,993 were traded. 14 companies’ shares increased in price and 15 companies’ shares declined and 4 companies ‘ shares unchanged. “Bulgan Undarga” JSC (BUN +15.00%) and “Sharyn Gol” JSC (SHG +13.31%) were the top performers whereas “Kharkhorin” JSC (HHN -14.94%) and “Global mongolia holdings” JSC (HML -14.71%) were the worst performers.

With regards to fund units, 72,046 units of ‘National privatization fund’ were traded for MNT 7,974,278.

Company bond, each consisting of 1 shares that are worth 100,010 were conducted. Block trades, each consisting of 14378000 shares that are worth 1,284,514,000 were conducted.

The MSE Top 20 Index increased by 2.49 percent and reached 20534.69 points. The MSE market capitalization stands at MNT 3,020,002,786,527.13

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