Visa Documents – Personal Invitation

A personal invitation is a document authorizing the issuance of a visa to a foreigner arriving in Mongolia for up to 30 days on a private basis.

  • Application / Including: Determining the purpose of the Inviter and the Invited, not to employ a foreigner during his / her stay in Mongolia, and to return him / her to his / her country on time /
  • Copy of the invitee’s passport / passport is valid for at least 6 months /
  • Address of the invitee abroad
  • Copy of ID card for a citizen of Mongolia, residence card and passport for a foreign citizen residing for official or private purposes
  • 420,000 × 5 = 2,100,000 MNT or more equal to 5 times the minimum wage as a guarantee for the inviter
  • Fill out the invitation form – Click Here
  • In the case of a family invitation, a marriage certificate, a copy of the child’s birth certificate and a certified translation
  • The stamp fee is 1000 MNT