Deportation of a Foreign National

Below are reasons for deportation of a foreign national from Mongolia

1. Entered the county with invalid or forged documents (5 years of ban);
2. Not leaving the country after their visa and residence permit expired (1-3 years of ban);
3. Short-term visitor violated visa and registration regulation more than two times (1 year of ban);
4. Conducted activities prohibited by Article 13 of the Law on Controlling the Circulation of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (10 years of ban);
5. Diagnosed with mental illness by health care provider(10 years of ban);
6. Obtained a visa or residence permit using forged documents, or forged/edited a visa or residence permit (5 years of ban).
7. Employed without permission from competent authority (3 years of ban);
8. Conducted activity other than the purpose of visit (3 years of ban);
9. Ignored deportation warning(1 year of ban);
10. If a proposal was submitted by the police regarding a foreigner who violated the social order two or more times and was held liable in accordance with the law.
11.The relevant authorities considered him to be a potential opponent of the national security of Mongolia
12. A foreign national convicted by a court has completed his/her sentence or has been released from prison, or has been transferred to his/her country of origin in accordance with an international treaty to which Mongolia is a party.